Success Stories

He was enrolled in the C P Unit in 2004.He put in lot of efforts and learnt independent walking & also improved reading and writing skill.

In 2013 was enrolled in a slow learner group to prepare for pre NIOS examination. In 2015, he passed his primary level education which is equivalent to 3rd standard. In 2017 he passed secondary level examination which is equivalent to 5th standard. In 2020 he passed his 10th standard examination.

Down syndrome child, enrolled at the age of 3 years in the Institute. His gross and fine motor skills improved and slowly became independent in daily living activities.

He learnt functional reading writing and arithmetic skills. He was also good in sports and dance. He was a Big Wonder Star performer.
He learnt independent travelling. And at the age of 19 years he was placed at Patel Engineering (Jogeshwari).

At present he is working in Kalpana Stores ( Goregaon ) as a helper. he is very supportive to his mother in household activity.

Enrolled at the age of 11 years with the complaint of not studying in school. His speech was not clear, he was given remedial training, Speech Therapy, Extra Curricular Activity Training to improve his confidence & personality. He is one of our International Player.

He works in a Diamond company as an asorter.

Sohan Garg is moderately challenged boy. He was enrolled at the age of 9 years in the Institute.

After getting training at the age of 22 he was placed in Diamond Company as a Peon.

Priya joined VDIS at the age of 5. She has mild disability with Microcephaly.

She is a talkative, fun-loving sweet girl. She is a hardworking & enthusiastic learner. In spite of her shortcomings of having poor memory & recall she studied till the 2nd level of NIOS. She is a good dancer but a way better athlete. She excelled in 'Roller Skating.’ She is so good that she gives dance performances wearing her skates. She won awards in dancing. Its not easy learning to roller skate. She fell many a times but picked herself up with her sheer determination & dedication to her passion. Her handwork paid off & she became a ‘Gold medalist’ in the Special Olympics World Games held in Abu Dhabi. Apart from these she has won innumerable prizes & awards in dancing & sports. She was also facilitated by Rotary District 3141 Mumbai and District 3232 Chennai, joint initiative on the occasion of 3rd December (2021),International Day of people with Disability.

Akash joined VDIS at the age of 11. He has mild disability with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Akash is a hardworking & dedicated worker. He studied till the 2nd level of NIOS. He realized that he was weak in computers so he worked harder by practicing more. He had ADHD. Thus, a lot of pent up energy was inside him. He focused all his energy on dancing. He was an excellent dancer but a way better singer. He sang Rap songs like ‘Kolaveri Di’ & ‘Apna time ayega’ easily. He has a lot of confidence & charisma on the stage. He is a complete entertainer. He dances along with singing according to the rhythm. VDIS had organized a ‘retailer training programme’ in collaboration with PANKH. After his retailer training programme he got a job at Crossword Book store at Inorbit mall. He has very good communication skills. He has won a number of awards since he joined. He received the Star Award for best employee. Also certificates for giving the ‘Best Customer Service’, certificate for the ‘Most punctual employee’ also a certificate for ‘stock taking’.

Neha joined VDIS at the age of 5. She has Moderate Intellectual Disability with Microcephaly.

She also had a speech problem wherein she could not pronounce certain words. Neha is the nightingale of VDIS. Her voice is like Asha Bhosle & Lata Mangeshkar. It’s sweet like honey. Her alaap builds the rhythm & tempo of the song. But even though she inherited her singing talent from her father it did not come easily to her. She had an articulation problem but with the help of speech therapy she overcame that hindrance & came out shining like a star. She became the lead singer of ‘Big Wonders.’ She kept working harder & kept getting better. She has done commercial shows like ‘Tabassum Nights’, ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ etc.’ & is also a part of many orchestra groups. She has also appeared on ‘Astha channel’ as a professional singer. But apart from singing she has won many prizes in art, craft & sports. She is an ‘All Rounder’ & truly an artist.