Founder's Message

Dr. Gunjan C. Thaker (Hon. Jt. Secretary)

The past year and half have been most unprecedented. COVID stagnated the world. VDIS too faced difficult times and is grappling with the situation.

Children bore the brunt of being away from school and indirectly the progress of each child became slower or negligible. Parents of special children faced trouble keeping the children indoors in lockdown, making them wear masks and running the fear of COVID with a challenged child. However through all these tough times has emerged a new normal.

Online schooling, Teachers, staff, parents & students adapting and learning this new way of life. It’s all been a tangent road never traveled. I congratulate the entire staff of VDIS for adapting whole heartedly and imbibing the new technologies and online platform of teaching and Parents for being our backbone in the journey. Online platform of education has created a global classroom and helped special children in remote and interior regions thus creating a broader spectrum of outreach .

Today thousands of special children are learning through free online portal of VDIS. Another silver lining through these tough times has been our donors who stood by us sincerely and came forth with more help than ever before, aiding us repair and upgrade the much needed school infrastructure during this lockdown.

We are eternally grateful for their support. Wishing all a healthy future, let’s all stay united in our cause of enriching the life of these special children. Thank You.