Psychological Assessment & Counseling

Psychological assessment is designed to determine child’s learning ability, strengths and challenges. Psychological evaluation aids in detecting the moods, feelings, thoughts and behaviors of the individual. Intellectual disability can be caused by any condition which impairs the development of the brain before birth, during birth or in the childhood years. To understand a child’s problem one must detect the early signs of mal- adaptiveness, his strengths, weaknesses & his stages of development

Types of assessment done :-

Formal Assessment

Projective Test

Social Quotient

Personality Test

Intelligence Test

Learning Disability Test

Aptitude Test

Informal Assessment


Case History



Emotional support & family interventions are offered to the parents & siblings of the special child. And guidance are provided to prevent a reoccurrence of a special child. The guidance services include :
  • Acceptance : That their child needs special education.
  • Action: To help the child achieve a better life through special education.
  • Association: With the right educators & teachers to achieve goals.
  • Accommodation: To make them independent.