Welcome to VDIS! We are dedicated to providing quality education to students with special needs. Our students are the heart of our school. We are proud of their achievements and are committed to helping them reach their full potential.

President's Message

Dr. Pawan Sureka

A vision see by Dr. A V Mehta, his friends and well wishers as V D Indian Society for MC. It has grown into a full-fledged garden with the help of Dagara family, dedicated teachers, parents, full time passionate devotion of Dr. A V Mehta to school and ever supporting society. But the dream is yet to be fulfilled. There are no limitations to the flight of dream.

Our targets are to provide ongoing better services, training and rehabilitation at par with global standards to mentally challenged individuals, support to their family and equipping teachers with better modalities of training. We also need to focus on some cases of prevention of mental retardation and also a dream to provide some curative treatment in some individuals.

Dr. A.V Mehta and some of his team members are no longer with us. But the new team of young and enthusiastic managing committee members will continue to strive to fulfil the dream.