Rehabilitation, Employment Training & Job Placement

Rehabilitation is striding towards community inclusion & assistance in progressing from dependent living to independent living.

Skilled, semi-skilled, unskilled activities are taught to the children as per their degree of retardation. One skilled development leads to rehabilitation.

Open employment, self-employment & sheltered workshops are encouraged in their trainable group.


Self employment is encouraged by counseling the parents. Many students are self employed. Individuals not able to cope up in open employment or self employment due to medical problem, social problem or degree of retardation work under sheltered workshops. Many of the students are also working in sheltered workshops. 

  • Enrolled at the age of 11 years with the complaint of not studying in school.

  • His speech was not clear.

  • He was given Remedial training, Speech Therapy and extra Curricular Activity Training to improve his confidence &personality.

  • He is one of our International Players.

  • At present he is doing packing work in a Diamond company.

  • Down syndrome child, enrolled at the age of 3 years in the Institution.

  • Gradually he showed improvement in gross and fine motor skills.

  • Slowly became independent in daily living activities.

  • He learnt functional reading, writing and arithmetic skill.

  • He performed well in sports and dance thus was one of  our Big Wonders Star performer.

  • He learnt independent travelling and at the age of 19 years he was placed at Patel Engineering (Jogeshwari).

  • At present he is working in Kalpana Store (Gurgaon) as a Salesman.

  • Sohan Garg is a moderately challenged boy.

  • Was Enrolled at the age of 9 years in the Institute.

  • After getting training at the age of 22 he was placed in Diamond Company as a Peon.