How you Can Help

Sr NoParticularsOne Time ExpenseMonthly ExpenseYearly Expense
1 Copartentship10,000Per Child Per Annum(Education & Traning)
2Running the School in your name for 1 day10,000
3Food & Sweets10,00010,000 X 11 (Once a month)Rs. 1,10,000
4Sponsor a nutritious meal for all Sports kids70007000 X 11Aprrox
Rs. 77.000
5Festival celebration (Holi, Navratri, Diwali etc)25,00025,000 X 12 FestivalsRs. 3,00,000
6Birthdays, Anniversary Celebration of your beloved ones10,000
7Picnic ( Rs 1000 per head X 250 students)RS. 2,50,000
8Excursion (Rs. 1500 per day (4days) X 50 StudentsRs. 3,00,000
9Trekking (Rs. 2000 per head X 30 students)Rs. 60,000
10Education Consumable AidsRs. 2500 Upwards
11Hearing Aid (One Time)Rs. 2500 Per Child
12Appliance for Physically Challenged Rs. 5000 upwards per child
13Sponsoring Equipment's Approx - Vocational 20000-50000 -Sports 20000-50000 - Musical 20000-50000 -Educational 20000-50000
14School Furniture Approx. Rs.5,00,000-5,00,000Details to be provided on demand
15Building Repairs Approx.Rs.15,00,000 UpwardsDetails to be provided on demand
16Hostel Renovation Approx. Rs. 15,00,000Details to be provided on demand
17Big Wonders show Sponsorship3,00,000
18Members of VDIS Paron Rs. 50,000
Vice Patron Rs. 20,000
Life Member Rs. 5,000