Founder's Message

Dr. A. V. Mehta

VDIS was established in the year 1973 by Dr A.V. Mehta. Nearly four decades have passed since then and VDIS is achieving new heights everyday. The little candle that was lit by Dr. Mehta has become a guiding force to many Intellectually Disabled children and their parents.

The success of VDIS is attributed to a very dedicated staff working hard under the able leadership of Dr. Hemlata Dhoot with all their love and care to enrich the lives of these children.

Looking back, there is one very important aspect to smooth functioning of VDIS that deserves a special mention; the dedicated donors who have stood by our cause through all these years and bestowed us with their faith, trust and donations and never questioned our sincerity to the cause.

It is the desire of these few men to do good and their kindness that has resulted in helping these disabled children find their place in society.

It gives us immense pride and satisfaction to see that the new team leading VDIS comprises of equally competent members, all sincere and dedicated and in sync with Dr. Mehta’s vision.

Wishing every disabled child a sheltered life of peace, dignity, love and care.