Welcome to VDIS! We are dedicated to providing quality education to students with special needs. Our students are the heart of our school. We are proud of their achievements and are committed to helping them reach their full potential.

Behavior Modification

  • The health & development of young children in the age range of 0-5years is a priority.
  • This services includes a range of educational & health services.
  • Early intervention for a special child is mainly an effort to enhance development that has been delayed.
  • The delay development could be due to any cause like genetics, environmental, brain damage &/ or neurological disorder.
  • These children are given neuro-developmental therapy & sensory stimulation to improve the child’s physical, motor, mental & social development.
  • Evaluation is an integral part of this service.
  • Measurable changes occurs over a period of time & if not then the therapy programme is modified.
  • Family intervention guidance is offered to the parents.
  • The main aim of the early intervention service is to achieve the milestone is early as possible.
  • To train the special child to develop good habits & basic skills which are necessary for personal & social adjustment.
  • To improve the child’s motor, social & cognitive skills.