Founder's Message

Dr. Hemlata Dhoot
Respected Donors & Well- Wishers, Special needs inspires you to be a special kind of person. Dr. A.V.Mehta’s V.D.Indian Society for M.R. (Mentally Challenged) was established in the year 1973. The mission of the institute is to train the mentally challenged individual to live a dignified life. We have many specialized & scientific programs designed & executed by a specially trained staff, under the guidance of Dr. A.V. Mehta. These programs are very effective in training of mentally challenged, ADHD, Autistic, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Disabilities, Slow Learner & Learning Disabled children. Therefore special educators have brought hope, strength & joy in the life of more than thousands of special children. The striking feature of our training program is to focus on the ability of the child & not the disability. We also give training of ‘one-skill development’ which helps in empowering & mainstreaming them in the society. The result is the BIG Wonder programme, International / National achievement in sports. Educational achievements, rehabilitation & production of BIG Wonder products. For education a special child’s appeal is ‘’if I cannot learn the way you teach me…will you teach me the way I can learn’’ And this is the motto of our programme. Still we have a long way to go. Therefore, we look forward to your help & support in this humanitarian work. A child is a butterfly in the wind Some can fly higher than others Each one flies the best it can Each one is different Each one is special Each one is beautiful