Who We Are

  • VDIS or 'Vallabhdas Dagara Indian Society for the Mentally Retarded' was established by Dr. A.V. Mehta, in 1973 to enhance the lives of the mentally challenged. Over the years about 8200 students have been benefited from the various services offered by the institute like early detection, intervention, training, education, remedial- training, vocational rehabilitation, Job placements etc.

    VDIS follows an internationally acclaimed specially designed curriculum created keeping in view the unique needs of the special children.

    We neither refuse admission on the basis of age, nor economic condition of the guardians of the child. By taking into consideration the IQ level of the new entrant, the child is taught accordingly. Our key asset is a team of highly dedicated staff to provide the child love, care and education that is best suitable to his/her needs.

    The society owns and runs a school for special children at Malad west , a 6 storey building admeasuring 15,000 sq feet with open clean ventilated classrooms and easy access by rail or road. The activities are financed by government grants, fees from students and donations at personal and corporate levels. The donations to the society are eligible for deductions under 80G IT act

  • Vision

    To reduce case of Subnormality in Society...


    To heal and comfort the special children with Compassion, Respect enabling them to be independent and rehabilitate for leading a normal life...


    Our goal is two fold

    1. To reduce the rate of mental retardation in the society

    2. To integrate the mentally challenged within the mainstream society helping them become independent self reliant individuals who can lead their life with dignity and peace.

  • VDIS & ME...

  • Dr A.V. Mehta
    President / Founder Director


    Dr Pawan Sureka
    Vice President

    Shri Ishwarbhai Padia
    Vice President


    Shri Pradeep Chehria
    Hon. Secretary

    Dr Gunjan Thaker
    Jt. Secretary

    Shri Anil Pandya
    Hon. Treasurer

    Dr Anjali A. Shah

    Shri Sharad Sheth

    Shri Piyush M. Shah

    Shri Ashok Vadalia

    Shri Chetan Panchal

    Shri Alok Pansari

    Shri Lalchand Choudhary

    Dr Chitrang Thaker

    Shri Suresh Patel

    Shri Purshottam Khetan

    Shri Tulsidas K. Gandhi

    Shri Ramchand K. Gandhi


    Shri Vasudev Bhatia

    Shri Vijay T. Gandhi